rossmann emblem
* These posters are proposals and not the final artworks. Due to the right of privacy the model’s face has been pixelated. She was a colleague and I photographed her to propose the idea to clients. The Model, as well as copies, have been replaced on the final artworks.
rossmann schaufenster
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Dirk Rossmann GmbH is Germany’s second-largest drug store chain (after dm-drogerie markt), with over 3,790 stores in Europe.

Since a couple of years, in 3 month intervals, Rossmann has been coming up with changing themes like Baby-foods products, Organic-Food products, Hair-Care or Cosmetics products, etc. depending on the season or customer trends. Rossmann employs different forms of media like window stickers, posters and so on to attract their huge amount of consumers in almost every one of their 2,196 stores in Germany.


Every 3 months for two years, I had to design a new emblem as well as a window-sticker, 6-meter width in 90 cm. height. During that time I mastered the complicated system of creating a sticker that had to fit the windows of all of their 2,196 stores. For the last two campaigns, I also proposed their posters.

On the campaign shown above, after the clients approval for the slogan and campaign’s strategy demonstrating a young blogger/influencer, I employed a fresh and dynamic style that fits the spirit of the time reaching out to the new generation who share the same love of healthy and conscious living.

Client: Dirk Rossmann GmbH
Credits: Pahnke Markenmacherei GmbH

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